Hand Crafted Loggia’s

The Loggia is more than just a conservatory, it’s a truly stylish and beautiful extension to your home and creates a ‘real room’ feel.

Take the hassle out of building a new extension with a Loggia as it doesn’t require any Building Regulations, so you can enjoy your beautiful new room sooner than you expect. A unique design concept born out of the decadence and architectural beauty of the Renaissance period,  As well as a design masterpiece, The Loggia’s strength and durability is second-to-none.

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Engineering and Buildloggia cutaway

The Loggia is the latest in innovation. Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of an extension to your home at a fraction of the cost and without the need for Building Regulations.

The Loggia is engineered to the highest quality:

  • The design of the Loggia columns allows for seamless integration of side windows, doors and masonry elements.
  • Structural steelwork supports the foundations, making Loggia conservatories more robust than other conservatories.
  • Columns have a hidden ‘pocket’ where a rainwater pipe can be concealed. This is much nicer than having an unsightly wall-mounted rainwater pipe.
  • By using columns instead of awkward-to-build brick piers, build and installation is quick but of high quality.

Loggia Features

Just like a real room, Loggia has a plastered finish like a traditional masonry and will blend in with the surroundings of your home.

Combining the elements of light and sky, choose from floor to ceiling glazing or windows combined with low walls, to create the perfect room for your home.

The solidity of the corner columns possess real inner core strength and can also feature radiators to keep your home warm and toasty in the winter. The advanced roof and window glazing possess excellent U-Values for the ultimate in thermal efficiency.

Be rest assured that our commitment to quality and engineering excellence will ensure that your Loggia lasts and lasts:

  • Loggia columns are super-insulated making them twice as efficient and 10 times more effective than typical window glazing.
  • There is a wide range of options available to achieve exactly the style you would like to personalise your new living space.
  • We use only the finest quality materials so your Loggia will possess an inner strength and solidity that will last and last.
  • Additional detail is available at the base of the full height Loggia columns, with a range of options to personalise your new room and harmonise with your pathways and landscaping.

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The Loggia is a superb addition to your home and will add value. It will help you lower the cost of your heating, and can come with integrated electric panel heaters that fit seamlessly into the design, each column provides more than half the heat you need (optional extra). Not only does Loggia provide a beautiful new room, thermal efficiency is second-to-none. It boasts twice the thermal properties of a standard insulated cavity, and keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, just like an extension. What’s more, Loggia reduces the ‘racking’ effect of wind, because it is four times more stable than a conservatory. The Loggia columns are super-insulated with a core Styropor carbon-enriched EPS, giving you exceptional insulation performance and strength.

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We also encourage you to visit our online gallery where you can browse through our previous Loggia projects from around the area, and if you’d like a further exploration of the designs that Prescot Windows & Door Centre can offer as well as other bespoke structures such as conservatories, composite doors, UPVC Windows and much more.

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